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Natalia Vodianova takes a leap for the May 2018 cover of Vogue Poland. In front of the lens of Christian MacDonald, the Russian beauty wears a Saint Laurent dress and loafers. For the accompanying spread, Natalia poses in striking black and white portraits. Stylist Veronique Didryselects designs from labels such as Dior, Sacai and Dries Van Noten for the blonde to wear.

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Box pochette, diagramme quilting and now buckle-studded strap, it really never gets boring at Prada. And today, they have a wide variation of different handbag styles, more than we can collect. Still, we hope they will bring back the classic Saffiano Lux Tote one day, the bag that we love so dearly. But anyways, meet the new Prada Elektra Bag.

The Design


Prada is challenging all fields of fashion, but aren’t they trying to do a bit too much? The pyramid studs on the Elektra Bag do remind me of the Valentino, especially the red colored handbag.

The Elektra Bag is made with a mix of calf and saffiano leather. Both leathers are durable, especially the saffiano, which is unbreakable. The studs have been embellished in different parts; first on the center buckle strap, but also on the handles. The front features a flap with push-lock clasp and you can sling it on the shoulder as it comes with a removable leather strap.

It’s a chic bag with tremendous space in the interior. And it can function as a great everyday bag, blending with casual clothing.

The Interior


So how does the inside of this bag looks like? There are two compartments and one zipped pocket. Both are big enough to help you transport all your basic needs and there is even space for more.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 4.2’ x 7.2’ x 10.2’ (D x H x W) inches, priced at $2840 USD, €2200 EUR, £1990 GBP, ¥346680 JPY.

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Jimmy Choo x Off-White shoes
New arrivals: Jimmy Choo x Off-White shoe collection

After hitting the runway last September, a collaboration between buzzy label Off-White and iconic shoe brand Jimmy Choo has arrived online. The collection includes statement styles ranging from over-the-knee boots to TPU overlay pumps and strappy sandals. Decorated with logos, floral prints and Swarovski crystals, turn up the glam factor with these shoes. Discover some of our picks from the Off-White footwear collection below, and shop more at

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Off-White x Jimmy Choo Claire 100 Pointy Toe Pumps with Ruched TPU $1,195
Off-White x Jimmy Choo ‘Claire 100’ Pointy Toe Pumps with Ruched TPU $1,195
Step out in style with this satin pointy toe pump featuring a layer of clear overlay.
Off-White x Jimmy Choo Victoria 100 Pointy Toe Pumps with Swarovski Crystals $1,995
Off-White x Jimmy Choo ‘Victoria 100’ Pointy Toe Pumps with Swarovski Crystals$1,995
Turn up the shine factor in a satin pointed toe pump decorated with Swarovski crystals.
Off-White x Jimmy Choo Sara 100 White Padded Mid High Boots $1,570
Off-White x Jimmy Choo ‘Sara 100’ White Padded Mid High Boots $1,570
Made from padded nappa leather, these pull-on boots include a cone heel.
Off-White x Jimmy Choo Anne 100 Floral Print Pumps with Ruched TPU $1,085
Off-White x Jimmy Choo ‘Anne 100’ Floral Print Pumps with Ruched TPU $1,085
This floral print pump features a ruched CPU overlay with a 3.9″ heel.
Off-White x Jimmy Choo Jane 100 Logo Rubber Strap Sandals in Black $1,085
Off-White x Jimmy Choo ‘Jane 100’ Logo Rubber Strap Sandals in Black $1,085
Made with an adjustable ankle strap, a strappy sandal includes the Off-White and Jimmy Choo logos.
Off-White x Jimmy Choo Elisabeth 100 Nude Satin Boots with Ruched Tulle $1,795
Off-White x Jimmy Choo ‘Elisabeth 100’ Nude Satin Boots with Ruched Tulle $1,795
This satin boot features ruched tulle overlay for a statement style.
Off-White x Jimmy Choo Charlie White Logo Rubber Strap Sandals $1,085
Off-White x Jimmy Choo ‘Charlie’ White Logo Rubber Strap Sandals $1,085
Keep it comfortable in a rubber sandal decorated with the Jimmy Choo and Off-White logos.

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(CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia

Obviously, disposable income makes it a little easier to follow your dreams but can winning the big bucks on the lotto help you live out your dreams of stardom? Here are some of the most famous and infamous lottery winners and some of the most decadent and interesting ways they used their wealth.


“Spend, Spend, Spend” – a lotto win made Vivian rich but it was this line that made her famous. Vivian Nicholson and her husband Keith won £152,300 back in 1962, which is around £3 million in today’s money. Vivian told reporters that she was planning to “spend, spend, spend” and she lived up to her promise with a number of lavish spending sprees on everything from fur coats to sports cars. However, this spending was Vivian’s downfall and she would be bankrupt by 1970. Vivian would spend the rest of her life trying to recoup her lost wealth – to no avail. While her money didn’t last, her memory would and Vivian’s place in culture is forever assured. Nicholson has been referenced by everyone from The Smiths to Morrissey, a musical based on Vivian’s life debuted on the West End in 1998 called – of course – Spend, Spend, Spend.

(CC BY-SA 2.0) by 401(K) 2013


When this 34-year-old dad won £1.8 million in the lottery, he decided to pursue some of his old dreams by getting the band back together – his old university band, in fact. To be fair, Roger’s band was slightly more impressive than your average university band, ‘FMB’ were the subject of a documentary called ‘The Next Big Thing’ on Channel 4. Griffiths got his band back together with £25,000 of his winnings. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to catch the public’s eye and FMB never did become the next big thing. In its article about ways to spend a jackpot on musical endeavours, gaming brand Lottoland indicates that Griffiths’ band only shifted 600 copies of their single “James”.


Jane Park became the youngest Euromillions winner ever when she won £1 million at the age of 17. Making her win even more shocking was the fact that her winning ticket was the first one she had ever bought. Park has been in the headlines ever since, both for the amount she’s dropped on plastic surgery and for the celebs she has been linked to. Most recently, she’s dated singer and reality star Sam Callahan and Dundee player Jordan Piggot.


In 2012, Adrian Bayford and his wife Gillian won a massive £148 million in the Lotto Jackpot. Adrian, a lifelong music fan, used some of his winnings to open a movie and music memorabilia shop. Adrian also used his wealth to gain a foothold in the music industry. He became an executive producer on an album by British rock band Last Great Dreamers and, when the Cambridge Rock Festival was in danger of being cancelled in 2017, Bayford allowed the festival to use his back garden as a location – putting his wealth to good work.

The most successful celebs on this list seem to have followed their dreams, not their money. So, that’s something to keep in mind if you ever win the jackpot.

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A new beautiful mix of contemporary and classic bag has just arrived and it’s called the Louis Vuitton Clapton Bag from the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. The bag feels youthful with a touch of modern vibe. It’s gorgeous and is durable enough to wear from day to night. Would you give it a chance?

The Design


It’s colorful yet iconic, take a closer look at the Claptop Bag. The flap is crafted with smooth leather while the other parts are made in DamierEbene Canvas. The Damier Canvas is as famous as the Monogram Canvas and is considered one of the classics. The nice and colorful flap adds a touch of urban-chic and modernity to the whole look, which is absolutely gorgoeus. But take another peek at the shoulder leather strap, which is made for cross body. This strap is designed in the same shade as the flap – a nice fashionable twist.


The flap is made from grained calf leather and the leather strap can be removed anytime you want. There is also an easy flat back pocket to store essentials that you need instantly. But the most beautiful part must be the tuck-closure on the center. It’s inspired by the house’s traditional luggage.

The Interior


Carry this bag for work or the weekends, it’s packed with more than enough compartments to hold your everyday essentials. The interior is made with 2 compartments with 1 central zipped pocket. There is also a double smartphone pocket inside.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 10’ x 7’ x 3.1’ inches, priced $1950 USD, $2330 CAD, €1450 EUR, £1350 GBP, $16100 HKD, $2580 AUD, ¥230040 JPY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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Emily Ratajkowski stars in DL1961's spring-summer 2018 campaign
Emily Ratajkowski stars in DL1961's spring-summer 2018 campaign

Denim brand DL1961 taps Emily Ratajkowski once again as the face of its spring-summer 2018 campaign. The American beauty sizzles in casual styles ranging from tank tops to distressed denim and jean jackets. Called 'No Longer On The DL', the campaign celebrates the model's role as more than a pretty face. Emily's also an outspoken feminist. With her hair in mussed waves and and a glamorous makeup look, the brunette shines in each image.

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Emily Ratajkowski flaunts some leg in DL1961 spring-summer 2018 campaign
Emily Ratajkowski flaunts some leg in DL1961 spring-summer 2018 campaign

"I was raised with feminist rhetoric as a regular topic at home, so naturally women's issues are at the forefront of what I care about today – whether it's working with Planned Parenthood, supporting the #MeToo movement or writing and contributing my perspectives on feminism."
--Emily Ratajkowski

Model Emily Ratajkowski wears denim on denim for spring-summer 2018 campaign
Model Emily Ratajkowski wears denim on denim for spring-summer 2018 campaign
Posing topless, Emily Ratajkowski fronts DL1961 spring-summer 2018 campaign
Posing topless, Emily Ratajkowski fronts DL1961 spring-summer 2018 campaign
Model Emily Ratajkowski appears in DL1961's spring-summer 2018 campaign
Model Emily Ratajkowski appears in DL1961's spring-summer 2018 campaign

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