Balenciaga Finally Unveils Its Pre-Fall 2017 Bags, Which are Basically All Triangular

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Love It or Leave It: Balenciaga’s Stud-Free Blackout AJ City Bag

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I’m a longtime fan of Balenciaga‘s motorcycle bags. Balenciaga was the first top-tier brand from which I bought multiple bags, the first of which came from money I had saved up at my college job. Not only will they always have a special place in my heart, but the slouchy, studded styles still fit my personal style quite well almost a decade later.

I first fell in love with Balenciaga bags during the Nicolas Ghesquiere era, and now we’re two creative directors removed from his tenure at the brand, in the early days of Demna Gvasalia’s leadership. So far he’s refocused the brand’s attention to deconstructed streetwear, which is his specialty, and along with that, he’s done a little deconstruction on one of the brand’s most recognizable pieces.

Motorcycle bags have a couple visual signatures, and the most important one is the bag’s stud pattern. On the Balenciaga Blackout City AJ Bag, the pattern persists but the studs are removed; in their place, we get perforations and negative space on an ultra-matte leather background. This version of the bag’s primary detailing is the idea of the bag itself, but in a way that doesn’t look like an unfinished mock-up, and it’s my favorite City design in years.

Unfortunately, the cool idea and execution make the bag significantly more expensive than a standard City, which means I likely won’t be adding it to my collection. If your budget is a little more flexible than mine, though, this bag can be yours for $2,950 via Balenciaga.

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Balenciaga Classic City Orange Yellow Replica Handbag Review

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My friend Kate received for her birthday from her work colleagues this Replica Balenciaga bag. I cannot say it is a perfect replica, it looks good overall but if you take a closer look you can be a little disappointed. I know she wanted a yellow bag and this is why they bought her this one but it not a true yellow, it is more like an orange yellow.

balenciaga bag

The hardware of this Balenciaga Classic City Orange Yellow replica handbag is very dark bronze, darker than the original bag, the studs have a matt finish but the buckles try to shine a little bit. The zipper on the front of the bag is shorter than it should be and it doesn’t zip all the way. There is a space of about half of a centimeter from the place it stops till the one it should. I know this is quite common among replica bags but I have seen a lot of cloned bags that did not have this issue, on the contrary, they looked as they had the genuine zipper attached. But as you can only notice this if you take a close look at the zipper I don’t think this should bother her too much. The stitching is good, I compared it to my authentic Balenciaga and there doesn’t seem to be any difference.

balenciaga bag 3

The quality of the leather is very good on this Balenciaga Classic City Orange yellow replica bag, it looks and feels like the original. It is thick and it smells like new leather. This is a very good thing because there are a lot of bad replicas out there that smell horrible, you cannot keep them in the house. There is the same kind of leather used for the overlay of the buckle decorations. I saw a lot of replicas that don’t use the same leather; they use poor quality leather in the spaces that are not very visible. I am glad this is not the case with this bag. There is a mirror attached to the Replica Balenciaga bag that looks like the original one. It has the same size and the same shape. The handles of the bag are very well cloned both on the front and on the back.

balenciaga bag 2

The zipper from the underside is really bad. The stitching is awful, very sloppy, I am glad that it is underneath and it is not visible. The fabric used for the interior is black, the original bag has the same color inside, but it doesn’t feel the same, it is a different texture, but the quality is decent. There is a metal name plate stitched inside the bag. The engravings are correct; it looks clean and correctly attached. On the back side of the bag there is a serial number embossed, it is the same number that we can find on the metal name plate, which is good but there is also embossed “made in Italy” that is not correct, there should have been capital letters: “MADE IN ITALY”.

The main issue of this Balenciaga Classic City Orange yellow replica bag is the stitching. It is not very good and there are some places where it is visible, but overall it is a good looking bag. I am sure Kate will enjoy wearing it and her colleagues will be very pleased to see how happy they made her.

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Balenciaga Iridescent Hardware For City Bags

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Balenciaga introduces a new hardware for the Metallic Edge City Bags. The new Iridescent Hardware is available in the metallic edge and studs on the Classic City bags. It comes in the regular and mini sizes, also the Continental Zip Around Wallet. The Iridescent Bags and Wallet do not include the zip front pocket as seen on the regular City and Continental Zip Around Wallet.

Style & Price



Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent City Bag $2,125.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent Mini City Bag $1,545.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent Continental Zip Around Wallet $695.00 (USD)


Balenciaga Black Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent City Bag

Balenciaga Black Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent Mini City Bag

Balenciaga Black Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent Continental Zip Around Wallet

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The modern girl is always in a hurry – juggling the demands of work, their family lives and their passions. With that in mind, she would need a companion that would be able to keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle…and that’s where the Balenciaga Infanta Mini Boston Bag comes in. This ultra-luxe tote is not your ordinary calfskin – it’s more than that! More than the quality materials put together to create this wonderful bag, it’s also super functional and ready to brave the storms of everyday life with you!

The Infanta Mini Boston Bag is as chic as it sounds – with a supple grained calfskin exterior, double handles, and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap (which allows you to wear it however you want), you can take on the world with this baby! It has a double slider zip closure which keeps it all in there. Inside, it even has two pockets inside, which would surely please the organized diva (everything in its place!). It has a mirror in a trapezoid case, which is perfect for instant touch-ups. What a great bag to have!

Priced at $1935 USD or €1295 EUR, get your very own Infanta Mini Boston Bag now, available via Balenciaga online boutique.




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Alexander Wang surely knows how to put artistic vision in its place, and with Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2015, he has escalated urban and structured designs into a whole new level. Dark neutral shades of black, burgundy and grey were seen mostly on the runway, which paved the way for an edgy yet sophisticated collection.


In this collection, we have set our eyes on one of the finest bags ever made (and saying that with conviction) – the Le Dix Soft Mini Cartable Bag. This cross body grained calfskin baby is the mini version of the Cartable S, then again, it’s still equally charming and dainty. It is a structured, soft clutch bag with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, with a closing snap and press-stud closing system to keep all of your valuables intact. To add up to its shine, it has two-toned palladium and brushed-gold hardware, which contrasts the black beautifully.

Inside, there is a large flap pocket and closing snap at the front, with enough room inside for all your day essentials. It also comes with a mirror in a trapezoid case, which is useful for touch-ups. Convenience at its best, as they say. The best part is that you can have the said mirror case engraved with your own initials, which is a complimentary service from one of the best design houses in the industry. You deserve only the best, honey.

This item, measuring 7′ x 9′ x 4′ in. (H x W x D) is priced at €1295 EUR or $1935 USD, available at Balenciaga e-store.








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